They have completely revamped this facility. I was amazed and pleased and my dog, Collin, thought it was fantastic. He loved the new"grass" area and the pond! There is now a bather, which is fantastic! It was wonderful to pick up a clean and happy pup. My boy loved his bath and considering I or my husband have been the only people who have ever bathed him, this is saying a lot. PET VACATIONS has always been our favorite......but now, even better.YES!! :-)

I love this place! — Erna T. 


I'm so happy to leave my dog here, it's amazing... my dog sleeps for 24 hrs after picking her up, lol. This is her 3rd time being there & my friends now take their dogs! Great job! Thxs again! She will be down there again for 5 days, no worries, when I drive off! 
If u luv ur dogs like me , trust this place!! — Jennifer A. 


We had no worries leaving our dog for the first time in such loving and capable hands! Scout ran in and didn't even look back at us. I love that they let the dogs play together as long as you are o.k. with it. Because of that, we don't have the usual guilty feeling for leaving him because he is so happy to play with new friends. It is really like summer camp for dogs. He was happy and worn out when we picked him up. I will never leave him anywhere else if I can leave him there. — Julie B. 


My sensitive herding dog was relaxed, happy, and tired when I picked her up after 3 days.
— Alice B.


Our dog Fredo loves going to Pet Vacations!  The best thing about it is that he gets to run and play with all the other dogs 3 times a day.  He is worn out when we pick him up, a very happy worn out!— Julie C. 

Pet Vacations has been THE BEST EXPERIENCE for our puppy Tucker since he was 6-mos-old (he's now 8-mos-old). He gets so much playtime outside with others that he would play well with (not all dogs are the same demeanor!) and gets so much attention from Owner Lindsay Stark and her staff. We are so, so happy we found a good place for Tucker to have fun with his friends and other humans besides us. Lindsay gave me daily updates for Tucker's first time and these wonderful pics. We highly recommend Pet Vacations. 🙂 Cathy M.


We recently had Lindsey at Pet Vacations take charge of our previously never left without us 3 1/2 y/o labradoodle. She’s our baby and of course we were very cautious with who we’d trusted with her. We met Lindsey at her location and she showed us around. Mollie, our pup felt very comfortable so we had Mollie do a 24 hr complete day at the board and care. Mollie came back in great shape. Now we feel more comfortable with leaving her for a longer amount of time knowing she’ll be well taken care of. Thanks again Lindsey for your caring support and hope to see you again soon. Henry K.


My dogs love going to Pet Vacations and the staff is always professional and caring. Over the years on the rare occasion when we’ve had to take our dogs to another facility, they are apprehensive, and show stress, especially if we have to take them to a place a second time. However, they are always happy to arrive at Pet Vacations and run right in the door! Janine C.